Maybe it’s me, but Students Should be able to Wipe their Butts!



The Chicago Teacher’s Union released a video on Friday from a couple of students at Gage Park High School describing the conditions that the young ladies have to endure to use the washroom at their high school. Shouldn’t young ladies going to school be able to have privacy in the bathroom and have the ability to wipe their butt after using the bathroom?Watch the video below:

I recently left a Chicago Public School on the far south side of Chicago that had similar conditions for the students. Teachers were required to divvy out toilet paper to students whom had to use the bathroom. While it was necessary for the young ladies, it was always a tricky proposition for the young men in middle school. Furthermore, the school had no working water fountains so students routinely drank out of the sink in the bathroom with the only working faucet. In the summer months, I paid for gallons of water for my students so that they could focus on learning and not on being thirsty and dehydrated in a classroom that frequently reached over 100 degrees.

The video released by the Chicago Teachers Union and my experience should NOT be the norm in public schools. If you have pictures of deplorable conditions in your school post them here or send it the UWOM’s e-mail. If policy makers are going to slack on technology, books, and resources the least they can do is give children toilet paper to wipe their own butts!


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