Veteran Teachers Feel they Get a Bad Rap

Veteran teacher working with students.  Source:

Veteran teacher working with students.

An LA Times article by columnist Sandy Banks discusses the tension that exist between rookie teachers and veteran teachers.

Many veteran teachers feel that they are being pushed out of the profession to eventually be replaced by someone who is seemingly more energetic and dedicated. A few veteran teachers voiced concern that a recent column Banks wrote praising a rookie teacher only codifies this reality.

From the LA Times:

“Veteran teachers don’t get the huge write ups …” Paula Hurdle complained in her Your stupidity email. “What do veteran teachers get, the blame.”

Hurdle contends that Los Angeles Unified officials are forcing older teachers to resign or retire by fabricating “false charges” against them. “Veterans are being pushed out,” she wrote, “and rookies are in by whatever means possible.”

Another Los Angeles teacher, Elena House, bristled at the notion that young teachers are education’s new darlings. “You seem to feel that a ‘rookie’ teacher is superior to an experienced, veteran teacher simply by virtue of being a new teacher,” she wrote.

I’ve written in the past about how the profession needs to take advantage of the wisdom of the veteran teachers. Veteran teachers offer a wider lens on what to expect into the career and they should be celebrated.


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