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If it Sounds Too Good to be True, It Probably Is!

Source: cps.edu

Source: cps.edu

Starting in the 2013-2014 school years, Chicago Public School principals’ budgets will be based on per-pupil spending instead of the per-position spending from years past. The CPS marketing department must have been in full gear when they issued a press release heralding “autonomy” over the school budget for principals. As principals received their budgets for the next school year, many are realizing that their new “autonomy” is coming at a huge price; in some cases over $1 million. Many of the school’s budgets are short thousands of dollars for next year from the year before, which forces principals to make tough decisions about staffing for the next school year. Read More…

This is not Washington!: An Open Letter to Rahm Emanuel

Dear Rahm Emanuel:

This is not Washington! This is Chicago!

Chicago is a union town and everyone in this town knows it. I understand that you came in with your goal of making a bold statement on education by lengthening the school day and school year. Congratulations! But Rahm, this is Chicago! This is not Washington.

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Our Teaching Conditions are Your Child’s Learning Conditions

By Martin Palamore

As I pass through playground to get to the building that houses my humble classroom some students greet me and others scorn me because of their impending detention. I walk up the stairs, greet my colleagues, and turn my brain into “teacher mode” ready to educate my seventh graders. However, there is a problem. My classroom’s temperature is a sweltering 97 degrees and there isn’t a working water fountain in sight.

There is a lot of rhetoric swirling around negotiations between the Chicago Teachers Union and the ChicagoPublic Schools. However, the most upsetting rhetoric has to be that this strike is “hurting our children.” This rhetoric has fed into the collective “groupthink” by “reformers” that Union’s sole job is to look out for the needs of their members at the expense of the students. I have a one sentence response to that, our working conditions are your child’s learning conditions. Read More…