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“The Union has Brought Communities Together”

Shelli Shaddy, CPS Teacher  Source: Chicago Tonight

Shelli Shaddy, CPS Teacher
Source: Chicago Tonight

Congratulations to my Teach Plus Colleague Shelli Shadday on advocating on behalf of highly-effective teachers on Chicago Tonight. My favorite quotation came to her response to the union’s “fiery” rhetoric and whether it was fueling the distrust between the community and the district:

I think the Union has come out and brought communities together in a way we haven’t seen communities come together in a really long time. And its amazing to see parents and students come together to say, “I want my school! Don’t close my place of education. My safe space that I would rather stay at even when I am sick.”

Watch the entire interview by clicking here.


Stick a Fork in Me I’m Done?

Veteran teacher working with Younger Teacher

By Martin Palamore

In college, I worked in retail. It was one of the ways that I paid for the necessities at the time. I going to school to become a teacher, so I knew that working in retail wasn’t going to be something long term. However, like anything I try to give it my best. One of the most troubling aspects about working in retail was that always prevalent feeling that I could be easily replaced. I didn’t feel important and I didn’t feel valued. I am sure that others had a different experience, but that would be one aspect of working retail that stood out to me.

That feeling should not exist in the teaching profession.

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